Websites are the foundation of the 21st century business marketing plan and serve as the hub of all marketing activity. A website is not only measurable in and of itself but allows an organization to measure the effectiveness of all other marketing. It is infinitely scalable for a relatively fixed cost. By creating an information-rich website, you can drive customers to your landing pages and reduce the size of your print, radio and online ads. When you reduce costs in some areas, your business can reinvest those funds in reaching a more targeted audience.

We develop your website as the first step in your marketing plan because it is the one medium that allows you to include all of your business and product information in one easily accessible location. Starting here allows you to develop a 30,000 foot view of your marketing plan and enables you to allocate marketing funds where they will be most effective.

There are many low-cost solutions available in the modern marketplace. You should choose Duncan Multi-Media because we build websites every day. By owning all of the equipment and software ourselves, we can leverage economies of scale and create your web presence more efficiently. Further, we develop your website in the context of an overall marketing plan and therefore are able to improve your entire marketing process.

Duncan Multi-Media is your one stop for Web Page and eCommerce Solutions ranging from personal web pages to complete, fully functional e-commerce solutions and everything in between. All websites come with an easy to use graphical user interface and support packages.

At Duncan Multi-Media we are known for building websites because a great website is always the right first step.

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Here is an opinion from P.A. Geddie, owner & publisher of County Line Magazine.